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60 Minute Socials

Dance Party San Antonio Detours

Craft, Dance, or Build Your Way to a Stronger Team!

Try our fun 60-Minute Socials! We offer 3 team activities to make for quick yet productive collaborative experiences.

  1. Pinterest Fail: Recreate a Pinterest craft using materials we provide, then show off your awesome creation!
  2. Say It With Legos: Test your team’s communication skills! Build a structure with nothing but image descriptions from a team member. The team with the most accurate structure in the end wins.
  3. Dance Party: We’ll teach you some moves for an energizing afternoon dance party! Make it a dance-off, or enjoy it as a group.

$25-$35/person, 10 person minimum 

Your team will love these on-site activities!

  • Collaborate in fun and creative ways!

  • Show off your art or dancing skills

  • Improve your team’s communication skills in an interactive way

  • Take a quick office break to make room for FUN!

Now that was fun!

“After living and exploring San Antonio for nearly 10 years, San Antonio Detours proved to me that this city has still so much more to give.” – Cesar, San Antonio, TX 

“Our guides were lovely and funny and shared the tidbits about the city that you actually want to know (ie no boring history lessons here).” -CalamityJaner, Denver, CO 

“Detours showed me a completely different side to the city!” – Jon C. 

These reviews, and many more can be found on Trip Advisor and Yelp.

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