Our Team

Our team is made up of San Antonians who live and breathe this city! Whether it’s history, street art, food or architecture, each guide has their unique passions and home grown appreciation for all things San Antonio.



Day trip adventurer. Game night guru. Foodie in training. Dog costume designer. Minute-to-win-it Master.



Part Cherokee Indian. Festival-goer. Professional foodie. Hawaiian native, San Antonio lover. Vacation planner extraordinaire. Beach seeker. Loves wearing sweaters.



Has attended over 300 weddings. Cooks a mean chicken fried rice. Queen of the 2-minute dance party. Loves a checklist. Master prankster.



Special needs Supermom. Texas River rat. Line dance lover. Local music scene aficionado. Karaoke master. Muscle Car enthusiast. Spelling champ. Museum lover. Laughing machine.



Gardener. Camper. Mother. Loves loose leaf tea and slow brew coffee. Documentary film enthusiast. Gladiator in training. Studies German. Loves mountaineering and survival stories.