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When it comes to pizza, San Antonio might not be the first city that comes to mind; however, we ARE the City of Gastronomy as cited by UNESCO so I must say we have some pretty good slices of pie here in the heart of Texas.

When analyzing pizza, so many factors come to mind…cheesiness, flavorful sauce, balance of toppings, quality of ingredients, thickness of dough…are you feeling me?  But when it all comes down to it, it’s the mmmmmmmmm factor that gets the vote.  It’s the mouthgasm that comes together that wants you wanting another slice and another and another til your bellies are full and we can check SATISFIED on our list.

Here are our recommendations in no particular order:


Big Lou’s is know for arm length slices of pizza.  They have all different sizes up to a 60″ diameter pizza pie.  This family owned restaurant is also big on friendly service and traditional toppings.


If a fine dining restaurant also owned a pizza place, what would that look like?  The vision of Chef Michael Sohocki’s, owner of Restaurant Gwendolyn, married these two and what became of it was pizza with the finest and freshest of ingredients.  Chef visits local farmers to procure the best produce while also making his own sausage and mozzarella in house.


Stella Public House describes itself as a “farm to pizza” establishment.  This concept is based on farm to table food practices.  They have partnerships with local growers that are named right on their website.  The “pizza” de resistance is that it is wood fired in an Italian Modena oven with oak and pecan woods.


Let’s talk about a fast, authentic experience.  Dough Pizzeria cooked their pizza in an 800 degree oven for 90 seconds and what comes out is purely magical.  A charred crust (spotted like a leopard), sparse toppings and a raised border.  All Pizzas are finished with extra virgin olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano.



Julian’s is family owned and you can often catch the owner in the kitchen helping prep the pizza as well as the other Italian dishes they have added to their menu.  It’s quaint and friendly and you are greeted with a warmth that reminds you of Grandma’s house.  If you sit close to the kitchen you will see the pizza masters flipping dough circles into the air.

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